Carol Schindler began her career doing comedy. Hey, when you grow up in Kenosha Wisconsin, you have to develop a sense of humor. After graduating college, she moved to Chicago and studied improvisation with Del Close, the famed director of Second City.

Improvisation is all about learning to be fearless and to trust yourself, so Carol took a leap and moved to New York and became a founding member of Chicago City Limits, an award winning improvisational group – the longest running comedy show in NYC. She starred in reviews, directed productions and taught workshops. She also starred in “Encyclopedia” a television series produced by HBO and Children’s Television Network.

You could say that comedy is what propelled Carol into her corporate work. Chicago City Limits became an overnight success, and with great reviews came the public and with the public, came the corporations looking for new ways to impart passion and creativity into communication and presentations.

Carol began teaching corporate workshops using improvisational techniques. This work launched a new career that of a creative director, writer and speech coach for corporate meetings. She spent the next 25 years working with pharmaceutical and high tech companies, service industries and financial institutions and has worked with many celebrities and corporate executives. Carol’s clients have included: American Express, AT&T, Canon, Coke, Dell Computers, Delta Airlines, Federal Express, Ford, Gerber, HBO, Mars and many others. Before starting Carol Schindler Consulting, Carol worked for the London based training consultancy, IDOLOGY.

Trainer, speaker, speech coach, director, writer, Carol does it all with passion and her own style of humor. The perfect blend of big business and show business.