REAL Feedback

Compelling Conversations

REAL Feedback removes the burden of giving feedback by transforming the intent. Instead of just a process of getting what you want out of someone, you learn to gives support and the tools they need to recognize, develop and capitalize on their strengths.

REAL Feedback encourages operating from a place of authenticity and clarity. It helps participants recognize both their own and others’ strengths, and then deliver workable solutions to problems within a relationship-based conversation. REAL Feedback can be given as a half day or full day program, and also as an interactive lecture for larger groups.

Learning Points:

  • The nature and science of interaction
  • Emotional contagion and immunity against negative emotions
  • The relationship-based conversation
  • Getting to the truth of a situation
  • Intention: knowing where you are coming from
  • The importance of language
  • How to plan for giving effective feedback–your preparation
  • Role playing–make it real