REAL Improv

The Art of Creating in the Moment

Comedy improv groups use this skill to create scenes, songs, poems, stories, based on suggestions from the audience. To observers this looks like magic. But any good improviser will tell you that great improv comes out of being present.

Being present is a misunderstood skill. People say they are present. But in reality they are thinking, and not listening to what’s happening. Being present requires a quiet alertness and a heightened awareness of what one is experiencing. In that space, one is open to creativity, innovation and connecting with others.

Improvisation is used in business settings for confidence-building, teamwork, creativity, presentation skills, brainstorming and personal development. It is a powerful tool that connects mind and body to produce an integrated, holistic approach to what one is doing. This enables someone to work at the height of his or her intelligence.

REAL Improv is a two-hour interactive program designed to introduce and develop the following key skills:

Learning Points:

  • Active Listening—listen without thinking
  • The art of observation—sense what is really happening in the room
  • Build on the ideas of others—positive approach to creativity
  • Trust yourself—Improvisation is a safe, fun way to explore
    trusting yourself in the moment.
  • This skill helps in meetings when one is often put on the spot.