Endless Possibilities is an interactive hour presentation on curiosity, possibility and the discovery of how incorporating one’s whole self, rather than just our thinking minds, can lead to creativity, spontaneity and well, endless possibilities.

Improvisation is considered to be an art form for those who have quick minds or those who can quickly think of clever answers or ideas. This however is not true. Improvisation, when done correctly, is not about thinking at all; it is about observing what is happening in the moment and responding.

Endless Possibilities explores how the rules of improvisation can be used to guide us toward greater levels of discovery, creativity, problem solving, and success. Audience members, if they choose to, will help to demonstrate how not thinking is often the smarter thing to do.

Learning Points:

  • How resistance puts the kibosh on creativity and possibility
  • How to listen with your whole self
  • How to see what is really happening in the moment
  • How to build on the ideas of others
  • How respecting the ideas of others can change everything